How to Trade Decentralized Cryptocurrency

最近突然又炒热了起来,魅力在于,只要换成基于 Blockchain 数字货币之后,你就真正的成为了钱的主人,而不是传统意义上的被政府和银行控制。关于概念理解和基础教学,请参考 Google 深刻的学习。这里主要是博主对产品实际技术操作的一些理解,请勿咨询投资建议。对于大陆用户所处的特殊被限制的环境我无法评论和建议你该如何自由的进入这个市场

1. You Need A Wallet

  • Preferrably a wallet you are in control (a software wallet installed on your own secured computer, or most securely a hardware wallet) — Keeping your Wallet SAFE is most important!
  • Recovery Phrases Seeds is the critical information you needs to noted down physically as this is the only way you can restore your ownership of wallet when you get it lost
  • Exodus is recommended software wallet to hold your main currencies e.g. BTC, ETH, LTC, etc. In terms of a hardware wallet, I bought one called Ledger Nano S

2. Where To Purchase

  • You can purchase BTC, ETH, LTC directly at Coinbase
  • Bitstamp is an advanced trading platform to trade between Fiat and Cryptocurrency
  • In addition, Revolut as a fintech banking v2.0, now integrates instant Cryptocurrency trading directly on its banking app
  • After purchase, do NOT store your coins on website, but transfer them to your wallet

3. How To Exchange

Overall, it is still in the very early stage of blockchain and cryptocurrency world. There is high fee, there is high risk, there is significant volatility, everything is not regulated – invest with responsibility!

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