Microsoft IME causes high CPU usage

据称是在九月份的 KB3194496 升级之后,各种问题爆棚,首当其冲的是 Microsoft IME 空闲期的高 CPU 占用,尤其是在安装了微软中文输入法时候 (卸载都无效)。作为 Surface Pro 4 用户我感觉完全是在烧电池,忍无可忍!


微软技术论坛已经炸翻了这个 Bug 可是至今没有官方出面解释或者解决。网友提供一种方案如下,博主亲测有效。

1. Right-click the process ChsIME.exe in Task Manager > Open file location
2. Right-click the file ChsIME.exe > Properties > Security tab
3. Click “Advanced” at the bottom right
4. Beside “Owner: TrustedInstaller” click “Change
5. Type in “Administrators” > click “Check Names” > make sure that the keywords you just typed in are underlined > click OK
6. Click OK to close the advanced dialog
7. Click the “Edit…” button above the “Advanced
8. Under “Group or user names:” click SYSTEM > under “Permissions for SYSTEM” check “Deny” on the “Read & execute” row. > click OK
9. Click “Advanced” at the bottom right again > repeat steps 4, 5, 6, but type “NT SERVICE\TrustedInstaller” in step 5 to restore the owner to the original
10. Click OK to finish everything
11. Restart your computer.

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