RIP Debian 6 and Hello Debian 8

Debian 6 “Squeeze” is ending its LTS (Long Term Support) on 29th of February 2016.

All my websites has been hosted in USA under Debian 6 since 2011. It came with much elder version of Nginx/PHP/MySQL, which nowadays I found it difficult in terms of technical support, plugins compatibility and new feature adoption.

From today, all sites are now moved to a server located in UK and using Debian 8 “Jessie”. It took me quite a few hours to setup and secure the server, also transfer all the data over to make sure everything runs as it was. Current web hosting environment is a combination of Nginx/PHP/MariaDB which is within the Debian 8 stabilised release and I do not attempt to make any fancy approach at this stage, e.g. PHP7, HTTP2. As always, the reliability is priority.

Just did a quick test on my site SSL security and surprisingly the first time it received a A+ rating!


If you are interested, check yours here.

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